Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned & Helpful Hints

The “Lessons Learned & Helpful Hints” document is intended to capture lessons learned from builders and home owners. If you have come across things during the construction of your home that would be appropriate to place in the document please submit them via email to Horizon Lakes Airpark.

Elevation and Drainage

1. What is the elevation between street and taxiway?

2. What is the slope between taxiway and entrance to hangar? Desire is to minimize the slope such that aircraft movement by hand is possible, yet allow for adequate slope away from dwelling. Information can be found on-line regarding recommended slopes.

3. Maximum height from curb to first floor deck is 3.5 feet.

4. There is a recommended elevation for the garage floor on the master layout. See Horizon Lakes for details.

5. Drains run parallel to taxiways and are designed to collect water running from lots and taxiway. A slight swale along the path of the drain is required to allow the system to function as designed. Do not eliminate the designed swale as this will create a problem with water drainage. Locate all drains on lot prior to start of construction. See sketch below.

Above is the taxiway swale requirement for Horizon Lakes Airpark. All drains along taxiway must have proper slopes such that water drains as designed.