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Single Family Homes with Attached Hangar

Horizon Lakes Development Company set out to create a design where the attached hangar actually complemented the appearance of the homes.  Below are a number of home designs available that meet our goals.  You have the option of taking an existing design, taking an existing design and working with the architect to create a home that meets your needs, or coming in with your own design.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss your options.

Approximate living area is 1st floor 1900 sq ft, 2nd floor 900 sq ft, and hangar 2800 sq ft.

Approximate living area is 1st floor 2800 sq ft and hangar 2300 sq ft.


Approximate living area is 1st floor 1500 sq ft, 2nd floor 1100 sq ft, hangar 2500 sq ft.  Home also has a three car garage.


View from the Street                   Taxiway View

The design above is the creation of the Baxter family and sits on lot 17.  Approximate living area is 1st floor 2400 Sq ft, lower level 2300 sq ft, 2nd floor 1500 sq ft, and the hanger 2300 sq ft.

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